Hexa XL Hoverfly Pro FPV Fenby Field Fulford York

by Jonathan Malory

At last I’ve managed to get a flight in after weeks of wind and rain. I was actually starting to get antsy, itching to get outside and film something.

Fenby Field s a public bit of greenery in Fulford, near where I grew up, that was originally owned by a Mr C Fenby before it was given over to locals to play football and cricket on and now for walking dogs. It was interesting to film here because I can see the street where I grew up, at least five of my friends’ houses, the school I went to as a child and all kinds of local landmarks that I haven’t seen in years, and never from this angle.

I’m still not one hundred percent confident with low altitude flying with the Hoverfly Pro yet, not because there’s anything wrong with it but because I’m used to self-levelling flight controllers and the HP keeps going in whatever direction you tell it to until you move the controls in the opposite direction. There are advantages to this, for one you can push forward then let go and it will keep going forwards and you can yaw left and right with the stick in the centre.

I also tried something new with the FPV (first person view) setup, in that I adapted a 1.2Ghz reciever to work on my Fatshark goggles, which normally only come in 5.8 or 2.4, so that the unit was still all-in-one and I was free to walk around. This first test was very successful with no video glitches, though you can see I didn’t go all that far I wouldn’t normally go much further anyway. Even so, my 5.8 setup would have given me patchy video receptions in places during this flight I’m sure, forcing me to move my head around to clear up the signal – this was not needed for this video.

I am starting to warm to the Hoverfly Pro and can see that it is a good flight controller for aerial photography and video, this is on a Mikrokopter Hexa XL frame, which is good, and a Photoship One camera gimbal and landing gear, which could be better..

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